Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby Caref: The Final Addition

In the beginning of my pregnancy I knew I was having a girl. My face was breaking out just like it did with Kiara and I didn't have the wonderful glow like I had with Lenin. Brian was convinced it was either a girl or a redheaded boy. Then we had our NT scan and the technician gave me her guess but wasn't very sure. Since the tech wasn't sure, I just had to wait till my anatomy ultrasound to find out. In our family things were pretty split. The girls wanted a baby girl and the boys wanted a baby boy. I could go either boy or girl. With a boy, Lenin would have a playmate and I could reuse all the clothes, toys, and supplies. On the other hand, we haven't had a baby girl in the house for 5 years and I love baby girl clothes.

We had our ultrasound on July 19, 2011, which was also Montre's 14th birthday. I was so nervous because I wanted to make sure the baby was healthy. With 5 healthy kids already, I know what a blessing it is to have good health. Brian and I took Montre, Evelina, Kiara and Lenin with us. Once we got into the ultrasound room, the technician asked if we were finding out the sex and then took a poll on each family member's guess. As soon as she put on wand on my belly she was ready to tell us what the baby was. The baby wasn't shy and wanted us to know he was a boy. He showed his parts the whole time.

I had my scan a couple weeks earlier than the doctor wanted. The doctor was going on vacation, so instead of the preferred 20 week ultrasound, it was done at 18 weeks. My doctor and the ultrasound technician were concerned they were not going to be able to see all the body parts they needed to look at. Luckily for everyone, the baby was large and developed enough to see everything. The technician even said it was her best 18 week ultrasound of the day. She even guessed the baby to weigh 9 ounces already.

I am ecstatic that we are having another healthy baby boy! Although I have to say Kiara wasn't so happy that the baby was boy. She was hoping and expecting a baby sister. She cried for a few minutes after the ultrasound. I told her that she'll be happy in the future when she doesn't have to share her toys and how Lenin will have his own playmate now. I can't wait to meet our little Jameson William. He has lots of brothers, sisters, and cousins waiting to meet him.

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